At what time is the check-in and the check out?

The check-in is from 3 to 6 pm.

The check out is at 10.00 a.m-


As required by the Regione Veneto, we do not offer a 24 hours' check-in service. If your arrival time does not fit with standard check-in times, do contact us. We will do our best to meet your travel schedule.

Since it's a real house, is there a curfew at night?

No curfew for the flaneurs! They will be given the keys to the front door and will enjoy maximum freedom.

Besides the pictures, how can I be sure that everything in the house is up to code and safe?

In my house your wellbeing and safety are guaranteed by the fact that Le Flaneur is a licensed bed and breakfast.

Local authorities conducted an inspection and certified that the size of the rooms is appropriate (actually even larger than requested).

They also verified that hygiene and healthiness requirements are fulfilled, that systems comply with national standards and provided services are adequate.

What if I should need any information or if encounter a problem during my stay?

I live in the apartment, as required by the regulations of the Veneto Region, in separate area.

You will enjoy absolute privacy but, at the same time, you will always be able to turn on me for any information or help during your vacation.

You will enjoy total freedom but you will be never left alone.


Le Flaneur Bed and Breakfast

Via Seghe S. Tomaso, 19


Tel +39 348 9695231

e-mail: info@bbflaneur.it


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Le Flaneur è una struttura ricettiva autorizzata dal Comune e dalla Provincia di Verona. 
Le Flaneur offers lodgings authorized by both the City and the Province of Verona.